Recent Initiatives in GIDC

Policy Initiatives

1.  Checking purely land investment activities in GIDC estates through major policy decisions.
  • Ban on transfer of open plots
  • Ban on change of purpose of plots
  • Strict time limit on utilization of plot
  • Liberal compensation on surrender of plot to GIDC
2.  A new participative policy in which land owners are made partners in the benefits of the estate.

3.  Policy to develop estates in PPP mode on privately owned land. This would avoid land acquisition.

4.  Thrust on drastically improving infrastructure in existing industrial estates.

New estates to be developed keeping in mind modern infrastructure, utility and service requirements.

6.  Special emphasis on training and skill upgradation to ensure that industrialization benefits the local people.

7.  Development of new Special Investment Regions, Industrial Areas, Special Economic Zones and large estates.

8.  Board of Management for Notified Areas - BoM formed in 18 of the 26 NAs.

(A.I.I.) Scheme (Assistance for Industrial Infrastructure)

  • Government in I & M Department has launched a scheme for Assistance for Industrial Infrastructure (A.I.I.) vide Resolution No.GID-102014-922908-G dtd.19-1-2015 for upgradation of infrastructure in industrial estates/areas.
  • GIDC has in its Board Meeting no 481 dated 17.07.2015 resolved that,
  • નિગમની વસાહતોમાં કરવામાં આવનાર ક્રિટીકલ ઇન્ફ્રાસ્ટ્રક્ચર પ્રોજેક્ટ માટે રાજ્ય સરકારની સહાય તથા લાભાર્થીનાં ફાળા માટે જે-તે વસાહતોનાં વિસ્તારનાં આધારે નીચે મુજબ ભાગે પડતાં લાભાર્થીએસોસીએશનના ફાળા તથા રાજ્ય સરકારની સહાય મેળવવા માટે ઠરાવવામાં આવ્યું.


ક્રમ વસાહતનો વિસ્તાર રાજ્ય સરકારની સહાય લાભાર્થીનો ફાળો (અપફ્રન્ટ)
૦ - ૫ હેક્ટર ૯૫% ૫%
૫ – ૨૦ હેક્ટર ૯૦% ૧૦%
૨૦ – ૫૦ હેક્ટર ૮૫% ૧૫%
૫૦ – ૨૦૦ હેક્ટર ૮૦% ૨૦%
૨૦૦ હેક્ટરથી વધારે ૭૫% ૨૫%

Environment Management

Reactive Approach for Gujarat towards Environment Protection

Effluent Collection System:

  • GIDC has provided net work of underground collection system with pumping stations to collect treated effluent from each unit in all its 15 major chemical estates.


A concept of Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) was materialized in Gujarat and first CETP of 55 MLD was constructed at Vapi. As on date there are 28 CETP functioning at mainly chemical estates and 6 are under planning stage.

Following CETP is operational under Chairmanship of VC & MD, GIDC:

  • Narmada Clean Tech. (NCT) formerly known as Bharuch Eco Aqua Infrastructure Ltd. (BEAIL) is a company, subsidiary of Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC). GIDC is a statutory corporation and 100% owned by Govt. of Gujarat. NCT is also jointly promoted by Member Industries of Ankleshwar, Jhagadia and Panoli Industrial Estate. The objective is to receive treated industrial effluent from Ankleshwar, Jhagadia & Panoli Industrial Estates and to polish it at Final Effluent Treatment Plant (FETP) upto marine standards and then to convey deep into the sea.
  • Vapi Green Enviro Limited (VGEL) is a non equity- nonprofit entity, based on cooperative principles with corporate culture of management. IN VGEL, CETP was commissioned in 1997 and in 2001 all waste water generated in the estate were linked to CETP to ensure that environment is protected.
  • Recently CETP at Sarigam estate has been commissioned. The Chief Engineer, GIDC is chairman of the board of directors.

Disposal of Treated Effluent:

Treated effluent has to be disposed off at suitable disposal point identified by GPCB. GIDC has executed following important work for disposal of treated effluent:

  • Effluent Channel Project was commissioned in year 1983 by GIDC. Company has changed the name from Effluent Channel Project Limited to Vadodara Enviro Channel Limited (VECL). VC & MD, GIDC is chairman of the company. Industries like IOCL, GSFC, GACL, GIPCL, RIL along with the Small & Medium scale industries in the Nandesari, Padra as well as surrounding to the GIDC Areas are existing members of VECL. Company has a total capacity to convey about 1,30,000 m3/day (130 MLD) of treated wastewater over a distance of 55 km in the Gulf of Khambhat. The channel is a brick masonry conduit constructed in “U” shape laid with gradient in 1 in 3000. It is provided with 139 cross drainage works ensures that there is no hindrance to traffic of 29 villages that are located along with the alignment of the channel. Entire channel is covered with RCC Slab and it is fully asphalted Inspection Road from take off point at Dhanora up to the disposal points in the Gulf of Khambhat.
  • Treated Effluent from Ankhleshwar, Panoli & Jhagadia estates is being discharged through scientifically designed diffusers at ocean with 43.615 Km long Onshore piping (800 mm dia., Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and 9.5 km long offshore piping (750 mm finished internal dia., Carbon-Steel inside – outside cement mortar lining) at outfall point, wherein instantaneous dispersion and tremendous dilution are exist.
  • Treated Effluent from Vapi Estate is being discharged through pipeline with onshore collection and conveyance system upto storage sump and pumping station of 3.59 km and pipeline from pumping station to landfall point over 4.77 km and offshore pipeline with diffuser system – from LFP to Outfall Point over 4.6 Km.
  • GIDC has provided 55 km long effluent disposal conveyance pipeline of 90 MLD capacity for Dahej & Vilayat to the deep-sea at Gulf of Khambat.
  • GIDC has provided 15 km long effluent disposal conveyance pipeline of 15 MLD capacity for Sarigam estate.

Disposal of Solid Waste:

  • There are total 4 nos. of Common Hazardous Waste Incinerators.
Hazardous Solid Waste Disposal Site Area (m2)
Saurashtra Enviro Project Pvt. Ltd. Kutch 2,72,800
Bharuch Enviro Infrastructure Ltd., Ankleshwar 2,31,350
Naroda Enviro Projects Ltd., Naroda, Ahmedabad 1,45,692
Vapi Waste & Effluent Management Co. Vapi 1,00,000
Gujarat Maritime Board, Bhavnagar 70,000
Nandesari Enviro Control Ltd., Nandesari,Vadodara 50,000
Green Environment Co-operative Society Ltd., Vatva, Ahmedabad 37636
  • Treated effluent has to be disposed off at suitable disposal point identified by GPCB. GIDC has executed following important work for disposal of treated effluent:
Incineration Facility Capacity
Bharuch Enviro Infrastructure Ltd., Ankleshwar 5 MT/hour
Nandesari Enviro Control Ltd., Nandesari,Vadodara 1 MT/hour
Saurashtra Enviro Project Pvt. Ltd. Kutch 10 mkcal/hour
Gujarat Env. Protection & Infrastructure Ltd. Surat 5 mkcal/hour
  • GIDC has Established Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre for promotion of Cleaner Production /Clean Technology under technical guidance of UNIDO. The centre is now separate entity of Industries and Mines Department, Government of Gujarat and working under the chairmanship of VC & MD, GIDC. (
  • GCPC has established 3 local cleaner production centres in Naroda, Vapi and Surat and capable of developing such LCPC in other GIDC estates which in turn will act as environment cell of the particular estate to solve any environment issues.
  • GCPC is conducting awareness and assessment program regularly in industrial estates.
  • GCPC provides guidance to industries for their environment related issues.
National / International Expertise Available with GCPC
  • Environment Information System (ENVIS): GCPC is acting as an ENVIS center of Ministry of Environment Forests & Climate Change 2003. Having huge data bank on Environment related issues.
  • GIZ: Associated with GIZ for technical expertise on Eco-industrial Park development in existing estates of Gujarat like waste water management, solid waste management, industrial area planning and climate change.
  • United National Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO): Providing need based assistance on any environment problems related to industries. Associated with UNIDO for ‘Planning and Development of Eco Industrial Park in Gujarat’
  • United Nation Environment Program (UNEP): Providing need based assistance on any environment problems related to industries.
  • Clean Technology & Climate Network (CTCN): Providing need based assistance on issue related clean technology and climate change for industrial estate and individual industries. Regular Membership of Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN) of UNFCCC
  • Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production Network (RECPnet): Available as important information bank for environment issues all over the world and its solution for industrial areas. Regular Member of RECP Network of UNIDO.
Support from Government of Gujarat
  • Under Industrial Policy 2015, State Government provides financial assistance for implementation of Cleaner Production (CP) /Clean Technology (CT) tools.
  • Department of Forests and Environment, GoG has instituted Gujarat Cleaner Production Award to motivating industries of Large and MSME sector for adopting CP/CT.
  • 10 Green Societies have been formed since 2008 for massive tree plantation.

Skill Upgradation

  • GIDC has tied up with Directorate of Employment & Training to undertake training and skill upgradation program for persons in PCPIR area of Bharuch district.
  • GIDC is providing the fee, stipend, transport and accommodation. 460 persons are undergoing a 2 year course totally funded by GIDC.
  • 52 Skill Up-gradation Centers constructed for imparting training in various GIDC estates at cost of Rs. 36crore.
  • State of the art apparel training centers started in Ahmedabad and Surat Apparel Parks by ALT Training Foundation, Banglore.
  • Skill up-gradation courses through virtual classrooms to be started in 6 estates in 2010-11.
  • Skill Up-gradation and Capacity Building is a major component in the Participative Policy for landowners in developing new estates.

Corporate Social Responsibility

1.  PCPIR Welfare Society constituted for welfare of the people in the PCPIR. Rs. 15 per sq. mt. is charged from new allottees in the PCPIR for welfare activities.
  • TERI appointed as consultant to carry out survey of all the 44 villages in the PCPIR.
  • Rs. 24 crore contributed to the Society so far under this policy

2.  Rs. 50 crore committed for Mahatma Mandir at Gandhinagar.

3.  Centre for Industrial Area Planning & Management started in CEPT University. GIDC has committed Rs. 5 crore.

4.  Rs. 5 crore given to Gujarat Socio Economic Development Society constituted by Finance Department.

5.  Rs. 36 crore spent on construction of 50 Skill Upgradation Centers.

6.  10 Green Societies have been formed since 2008.

7.  GIDC is to spend Rs. 40 crore to construct an Engineering College at Navsari and a Polytechnic at Khambhat. To commence from the academic year 2012-13.

8.  350 Anganwadis cum Livelihood Centers approved by GIDC at a cost of Rs. 26 crore.

9.  Rs. 4 crore paid for providing gas stove and pressure cooker in anganwadis of Banaskantha and Sabarkantha.